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The origin of The Petals Group can be traced back to 1967 when our founder and tastemaker, Flower Walker, embarked on her new entrepreneurial journey of opening a florist shop located on Cape Town’s Foreshore. Here, the fashion gurus of the publishing world became her regular clients and inspiration.

Since then The Petals Group has evolved into an event coordinator’s wonderland; combining our daily fresh flower design and delivery service with a treasure trove of avant garde props, backdrops, styling, furniture and décor items.

When an event design calls for specific items which we do not stock, our Petals family comes together to conceptualise and create our own custom-made artworks and décor pieces, from scratch, in our fully equipped workshop.

Experience has shown us that if we can dream it, we can create it.


A Spirit of Collaboration

The Petals Group offers clients and other event coordinators bespoke celebrations of beauty, where trust, luxury, authenticity and human connection are inseparable from each experience.

Whether we are designing a handmade floral art piece, or helping to arrange your special event, collaboration is the life force behind our imagination. That is why you will not find any ‘lone rangers’ on our team: we will always have a collective, hands-on approach to our work.

Relationships Are Our Lifeblood

We enjoy lasting relationships with our clients built on our history of fulfilling promises with integrity and delivering exceptional experiences; on time, every time. We apply the same ethics and dedication to each project, whether we are bringing a fresh floral design to life or helping you put your dream event together.

Discretion is one of our core values: our clients’ identities and privacy on all projects is highly respected and kept private, unless we are otherwise directed.

Our philosophy is based on these quotes:

The earth laughs in flowers.


When you have only two pennies left in the world, buy a loaf of bread with the first one, and a bunch of flowers with the second to give you a purpose for living.