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One way to make your wedding day stand out from the rest is to choose unforgettable wedding favours to gift to your guests.  Giving gifts to your guests is a fun modern wedding tradition that many couples are choosing to incorporate into their celebrations.  Here are our top eight most memorable gifts for guests inspired by some of our clients’ special days.


Flip Flops

Attending a wedding is the perfect excuse to dress up.  However, dressing up often comes at a cost.  Brand new shoes or high heels can take away from your guests’ enjoyment of the wedding day if they cause pain, discomfort, or even blisters!  In short, guests in pain are less likely to spend time on the dance floor.  Enter, the humble flip flop.

One of our brides chose to gift each female guest with a pair of thongs – a welcome relief from being in high heels for hours on end.  The flats meant that Jodi and Saul’s guests could dance the night away and really let their hair down, creating all kinds of memories to take with them into the future.

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One risk of an outdoor summer wedding is the threat of your guests catching a nasty sunburn.  If your budget allows for it, consider opting for stylish sunhats as your wedding favours.  Guests with shaved heads, or those who have forgotten to wear sunscreen, will be touched by your thoughtfulness and the hats will allow them to frolic outdoors for hours on end.  Your wedding photographs will look even more elegant as a result.


Wedding season in the Cape takes place during the summer months, with January and February serving up some truly sweltering mornings and afternoons.  For wedding guests who have coiffed their hair for the occasion, hats are a style hazard.  Parasols, on the other hand, offer the perfect solution to the scorching African sun.  Take-home parasols as wedding favours will ensure your guests don’t wilt during your special day and that they make it to the final hours of your wedding celebration along with the bridal party.

A word to the wise:  if you’re getting married in Cape Town during the winter season and there’s a chance of rain, umbrellas are not recommended – the wind will simply turn them inside out and leave your guests wet anyway!

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Sophisticated Hand Luggage Tags

Fancy luggage tags are an unusual, but brilliant thank you gift for your guests.  Doubling up as place cards, your guests can take their customised luggage tags home and tie them onto their travel case for their next getaway.  Be sure to order tags that are hardwearing and printed with a sturdy ink or labelled with a durable sticker.  It’s important to source ties that will survive plenty travel excursions, too.

Carol Boyes Wine Stoppers

A South African design legend, wedding guests will go gaga for a Carol Boyes wine or champagne stopper.  It’s small enough to pop into a handbag for safekeeping during the wedding and your guests will think about you every time they crack open a bottle of wine at home.  What’s not to love!

Something Sweet

If you’re embracing all things local, your guests may appreciate some classy confectionary that they can either take home or nibble on with their coffee towards the end of your wedding celebration.  Wedgewood handmade nougat is a winning wedding favour, especially for guests with a sweet tooth and an eye for all things elegant.



Winter weddings in South Africa can be downright chilly.  Pashminas make for thoughtful wedding gift for guests who want to be able to enjoy the outdoor aspects of your wedding without ruining their outfits with an oversized coat or jacket that doesn’t match their outfit on the day.  Pashminas offer an elegant cover-up that will ensure guests can enjoy the wedding a little longer and that your faces pop up in their heads each time they wear it after your wedding has long passed.

Mini Artworks

Another way to delight your guests and support the South African economy is to commission a local artist to create miniature versions of your favourite beaded African animal, or another type of locally manufactured souvenir.  Overseas guests will adore the exotic keepsake, while locals will appreciate your decision to use a local entrepreneur for your wedding favours instead of a large corporate enterprise.


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